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Welcome to the site for information about Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub and other science- and skepticism-related events and groups around Vancouver, BC, Canada. Vancouver Skeptics is a casual social group for local science enthusiasts who value reason, critical thinking, and skepticism. See our “What is Skepticism?” page to get an idea of what the group is all about.

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Upcoming events:

Thu. Jan. 19
Sat. Jan. 21
  • Skeptics' Brunch at Storm Crow Alehouse
    Sat. Jan. 21, 11:00am at Storm Crow Alehouse, 1619 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

    Come out on the third Saturday of the month to join your fellow skeptics and science enthusiasts for Saturday brunch around the back tables at the new Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway about a block west of Granville. Check out the venue's extensive science fiction, fantasy, comic book, board game, nerd, geek, etc. decorations and memorabilia, not to mention their menu of thematically related food and drink options. If turnout is good, we hope to make this a new monthly event. Hope to see you there!

Sun. Jan. 22
  • Skeptics' Brunch in New Westminster
    Sun. Jan. 22, 1:00pm at The Met Bar and Grill, 411 Columbia St., New Westminster, BC

    Every fourth Sunday of the month we meet for brunch at the Met Bar & Grill next to the Columbia SkyTrain Station in New Westminster. We're pro-evidence, pro-science free thinkers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Conversation is not strictly structured, so this event RELIES on attendees to come prepared with relevant topics they wish to discuss with the group, for conversation to remain mostly skeptical in nature!

    Breakfast is served all day. Eggs Benny is served until 2 pm so don't be late. If the weather is good we'll be on the patio, otherwise we'll sit inside, likely in the first seating area on the left, as you enter the pub. Please RSVP as best you can, so I have a general idea of attendance numbers, to inform the restaurant staff for seating and serving purposes a bit in advance, thanks! 🙂

Tue. Jan. 24
  • Internet of Things workshop at Science World
    Tue. Jan. 24, 7:00pm

    Science World Grown-Up Science Workshops Internet Everywhere: The Internet of Things Presented by ACTUA Maker Mobile

    Hardware and software come together in this programming and design challenge. Using visual “block” programming, participants will write simple programs and then build physical interfaces to interact with them using Makey Makey and Arduino microcontrollers.

    Tickets $10

    Register here:

Wed. Jan. 25
  • Nerd Nite Vancouver
    Wed. Jan. 25, 7:00pm at Fox Cabaret

    Nerd Nite v. 24 nerdnite_24

    2017 is here, and Nerd Nite is kicking off our third year in style with being part of the nationwide travelling celebration Innovation 150. Here at Nerd Nite we pride ourselves with providing a forum for not only presenters to share their innovative ideas, but also attendees. This month we got three awesome nerds!

    Where: The Fox Cabaret

    When: Wednesday, January 25th; Doors @ 7

    Tickets: online

    Photos by: Music by: DJ Bürger

    1. The Relatives You Can Never Meet: Learning more about ourselves via multidisciplinary approaches to archaeology

    Rhy McMillan

    Who are we, where did we come from, and what does it mean to be us? As humans, we are members of a big family with a complex history. However, our ancient ancestors’ stories are difficult to read, because they were recorded in the earth and not with pen and paper. Thus, the only way to learn their stories is by examining the bones, teeth, and artifacts they left behind. Interpreting the meaning of such objects is an archaeologist’s task. The physical evidence of our ancestors is a finite resource, so archaeologists are challenged to minimally alter and not destroy the materials they study. This raises an important question: how can we obtain as much information as possible from bones, teeth, and artifacts while simultaneously preserving them? In this talk, I will investigate the range of techniques available to researchers for reading the stories of our ancestors and highlight some interesting case studies that bring us a little closer to the relatives you can never meet.

    Bio: Rhy is a PhD Candidate in Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research at the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at UBC. Rhy’s research involves developing quasi-non-destructive methods for collecting data from archaeological materials with techniques adapted from earth science. Rhy study how bones and teeth deteriorate post-mortem, what the geochemical signatures in animals and humans can tell us about an individual’s life and death, and how linking artifacts to their geologic sources can elucidate the complexities of past human migration and trade. With ever-improving analytical capabilities and interdisciplinary collaboration, researchers are answering questions about our past more accurately and with less impact on the archaeological record than ever before.

    1. Chaordic Space and Human Improvisation

    Amy Shostak

    Bio: Amy started improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, and she served as Artistic Director of that company for six years. Amy now lives in Vancouver, where she is involved with Instant Theatre, Vancouver Theatresports League, and Blind Tiger Comedy. She is a skilled instructor of both short and long form improvisation, and has traveled to many festivals around the globe. When not improvising, Amy performs sketch comedy with her duo Gossamer Obsessions. She is passionate about civic engagement, nachos and heavy metal. Twitter: @shostakattack

    1. TBA – Quantum Matter

Thu. Jan. 26
  • Cosmic Nights: Time Travel
    Thu. Jan. 26, 6:30pm at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

    Have you ever wanted to travel into the future?

    Cosmic Nights is back at the Space Centre! Discover the wonders of the universe - over drinks! Join us Thursday, January 26th for Cosmic Nights: Time Travel, a party for the adventurer in all of us! This is a 19+ event.

    6:30pm - 10:00pm - Drinks | Music | Games | Demonstrations I Lecture I Planetarium

    7:30pm or 9:00pm - Planetarium Show: Journey Back to the Beginning of Time Take a visual trip 13.8 billion years into the past and journey from the formation of our Universe in the Big Bang to the modern day.

    8:00pm and 9:00pm - Time Travel Lecture Speaker: Dr. Jared Stang - UBC What does relativity tell us about the realities of time travel?

    6:30pm - 10:00pm - Time Travel Booth with Doc Brown Doc Brown (aka Dr. Jaymie Matthews - UBC) will set up shop with an open forum for anyone to come and ask questions about time travel or any other cosmic queries.

    Partners: Starlit Citadel Original Mexican Gourmet - OMG UBC Department of Physics & Astronomy


    19+ Photo ID will be required upon entry Photo credit: Lindsay Elliot

Wed. Feb. 1
  • Skeptics' Trivia Night at Storm Crow Alehouse
    Wed. Feb. 1, 7:00pm at Storm Crow Alehouse, 1619 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

    Join us on the first Wednesday of the month for Skeptics' Trivia Night at Storm Crow Alehouse. The nerd trivia contest starts at 7pm and is put on by Storm Crow Alehouse and hosts Eric Fell and Mister Nickel. A few Vancouver Skeptics will arrive early to get a table and form a team, and then we'll combine our wits to compete against the other teams. All skill levels welcome.

Sun. Feb. 5
  • Surrey/Langley Skeptics in the Pub - Brunch
    Sun. Feb. 5, 11:00am at Edith + Arthur Public House, 8410 160 St., Surrey, BC

    Surrey/Langley Skeptics' in the Pub - Brunch happens on the first Sunday of each month.

    Brunch in a welcoming environment. Come out and hang with us!

Mon. Feb. 6
  • 'Cool Eats: The City Slickers' Diet for a Warming Planet' - KPU/Science World lecture series
    Mon. Feb. 6, 7:00pm at KPU Richmond - Melville Centre for Dialogue - 8771 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC

    Food matters. Each day city-dwellers make decisions about what to eat, where to eat, and how to eat. Those decisions shape a food system simultaneously responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and particularly vulnerable to the vagaries of climate change. Although urbanites can feel disconnected from the ecosystems that sustain us, our food ties each of us intimately to the earth through soil, water, energy flows, and nutrient cycles. Drawing on current research in sustainable agriculture and food systems, this talk presents practical personal choices and government policy changes to help promote a just, resilient, ecologically-integrated food system.

    Speaker: Mike Bomford / Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Faculty of Science & Horticulture

Tue. Feb. 7
Thu. Feb. 9
  • Science of Cocktails 2017
    Thu. Feb. 9, 8:00pm at Science World

    UPDATE: We've sold out just over 50% of our tickets for the event

    Our Science of Cocktails signature fundraiser will transform Science World at TELUS World of Science into Vancouver’s largest laboratory, where the city’s most talented bartenders and chefs will showcase the chemistry, biology and physics behind preparing modern cocktails and cuisine.

    Full video:

    Each ticket includes complimentary cocktails from 20+ bar stations run by award-winning bartenders, paired with 12 food stations featuring molecular gastronomy from local talent. You will also enjoy a variety of special cocktail science activities, hands-on science demonstrations and classic Science World fun.

    Ticket proceeds will support Science World’s Class Field Trips for underserved schools in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Sun. Feb. 12
Tue. Feb. 14
  • North Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub
    Tue. Feb. 14, 6:00pm at Rusty Gull Neighbourhood Pub, 175 E. 1st St., North Vancouver, BC

    Join us in North Vancouver on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm for another evening of skeptical fun, food, drinks, and conversation at The Rusty Gull. Come out and discuss skepticism-related activities with your fellow science enthusiasts, rationalists, and critical thinkers, and maybe meet some new friends.

Thu. Feb. 16
  • Surrey/Langley Skeptics in the Pub
    Thu. Feb. 16, 7:00pm at Browns Socialhouse, 9666 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC V3T 2V5, Canada

    Join us for drinks and food in a friendly atmosphere with Surrey/Langley area science enthusiasts who value critical thinking and skepticism. It's a great place to meet local skeptics, make new friends, and get involved and informed about new events and activities. We meet on the third Thursday of the month at Browns Socialhouse, Surrey Centre.

Sat. Feb. 18
  • Skeptics' Brunch at Storm Crow Alehouse
    Sat. Feb. 18, 11:00am at Storm Crow Alehouse, 1619 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

    Come out on the third Saturday of the month to join your fellow skeptics and science enthusiasts for Saturday brunch around the back tables at the new Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway about a block west of Granville. Check out the venue's extensive science fiction, fantasy, comic book, board game, nerd, geek, etc. decorations and memorabilia, not to mention their menu of thematically related food and drink options. If turnout is good, we hope to make this a new monthly event. Hope to see you there!