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Welcome to the site for information about Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub and other science- and skepticism-related events and groups around Vancouver, BC, Canada. Vancouver Skeptics is a casual social group for local science enthusiasts who value reason, critical thinking, and skepticism. See our “What is Skepticism?” page to get an idea of what the group is all about.

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Upcoming events:

Thu. Sep. 29
  • 235th Galactic Tick Day
    Thu. Sep. 29, 1:00pm at Earth

    Our home world, Earth, and the rest of the Solar System travels around the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy every 225 million Earth years.

    Solar motion:

    One centi-arcsecond of this rotation is called a Galactic Tick. In other words, 1.7361 Earth years.

    Galactic Tick Day is a set aside to recognize our sun’s motion and our progress around the home galaxy.

    Let's celebrate together!

Sun. Oct. 2
Tue. Oct. 4
Wed. Oct. 5
  • Skeptics' Trivia Night at Storm Crow Alehouse
    Wed. Oct. 5, 7:00pm at Storm Crow Alehouse, 1619 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

    Join us on the first Wednesday of the month for Skeptics' Trivia Night at Storm Crow Alehouse. The nerd trivia contest starts at 7pm and is put on by Storm Crow Alehouse and hosts Eric Fell and Shaun Stewart. A few Vancouver Skeptics will arrive early to get a table and form a team, and then we'll combine our wits to compete against the other teams. All skill levels welcome.

Mon. Oct. 10
Tue. Oct. 11
  • North Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub
    Tue. Oct. 11, 6:00pm at Rusty Gull Neighbourhood Pub, 175 E. 1st St., North Vancouver, BC

    Join us in North Vancouver on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm for another evening of skeptical fun, food, drinks, and conversation at The Rusty Gull. Come out and discuss skepticism-related activities with your fellow science enthusiasts, rationalists, and critical thinkers, and maybe meet some new friends.

Thu. Oct. 13
  • Cosmic Nights: Science of Science Fiction
    Thu. Oct. 13, 6:30pm at H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9, Canada

    Cosmic Nights is back at the Space Centre! Discover the wonders of the universe - over drinks! Join us Thursday, October 13th for Cosmic Nights: Science of Science Fiction, a party for the geek in all of us! This is a 19+ event.

    Explore the Space Centre after hours and experience and in-depth planetarium show and lecture about science fiction's influence on actual science.

    Doors: 6:30pm. Arrive early to enjoy all the night has to offer. 6:30pm - 10:00pm Drinks | Music | Games | Demonstrations I Lecture I Planetarium 7:30pm or 9:00pm Live Planetarium Show about the Universe - with our Astronomer Reserve your seat for either the 7:30 pm or 9:00 pm showing

    8:00pm and 9:00pm: Science of Science Fiction Lecture (Auditorium) Speaker: Dr. Jaymie Matthews - UBC


    19+ Photo ID will be required upon entry

  • What Can Artists and Filmmakers Teach Us About Scientific Visualization?
    Thu. Oct. 13, 7:00pm at Science World at TELUS World of Science - 1455 Quebec Street - Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7 - Canada

    The relationship between creative experimentation, artistic representation, and the world of science has always been close, and perhaps no closer than in the past few decades. With the aid of digital advancements in motion picture and computer modelling, the artists and filmmakers of today continue to guide and influence mainstream and even modern scientific perceptions about what the future of invention and ingenuity will quite literally “look” like. This talk will examine what artists and filmmakers can teach us about scientific visualization long before a scientific hypothesis or paradigm can be tested and made material, arguing how the world of visual art positions artists as powerful conceptualizers in bridging scientific discovery to the rest world.

    Speaker: Dorothy Barenscott, Fine Arts, KPU Faculty of Arts

Sat. Oct. 15
  • Ada Lovelace Day
    Sat. Oct. 15, 12:00am

  • Vancouver SkeptiCamp 2016
    Sat. Oct. 15, 9:30am at UBC’s Victoria Learning Theatre (Room 182), Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    Coffee and refreshments will be served starting at 9:30am and talks will begin at 10am. You will be on your own for lunch, however we will offer a 1 hour break in which you may walk over to the NEST (Students' Union) building across the street for pizza, sushi, or cafe style food. Door prizes will be drawn for at 1pm after the lumch break. You must be in attendance to be eligible to win.

    Vancouver SkeptiCamp is a fun, informative, one-day, free, open, attendee-driven, grassroots science & skepticism conference featuring many brief presentations (~10min) with Q&A sessions.

    The event is free, but you can contribute by asking good questions, assisting the organizers, or by giving one of the talks. Hope to see you there!

    In order to sign up for a talk or register to help us gauge interest/numbers, please complete the registration form at

    Speaking slots tend to fill up fast, but we ask all local skeptics to think of a topic that YOU would like to give a short talk about. It can be anything that interests you and is related to skepticism, the paranormal, science, pseudoscience, critical thinking, or how to promotoe a more rational world. Priority will be given to increase diversity in speakers.

    ABOUT SKEPTICAMPS Don’t let the “camp” fool you. SkeptiCamp is NOT a kid’s camp. Nor does it involve the outdoors.

    Rather, SkeptiCamp stands as a new model for conferencing among skeptics — a model that focuses on providing each of us a rich avenue to gain proficiency in the skills and knowledge of this domain.

    Like the traditional lecture-oriented events that have dominated skepticism for decades, SkeptiCamps also feature talks — typically a day’s worth. But the similarity ends there.

    To mount a traditional event typically requires the resources and expertise of an established organization. By contrast, the SkeptiCamp model places substantive events within reach of informal groups of skeptics anywhere around the world.

    Traditional events often require the hassle and costs of travel to attend. With SkeptiCamp you can host a local event each year.

    SkeptiCamps are typically free to attend — you ‘pay’ by helping to organize the event or ideally by offering a short talk to your peers on a topic that drives your passion for science and skepticism. At the very least we ask that you engage with and interact with your fellow participants.

    SkeptiCamp events will normally take place at low-cost venues, such as a meeting room at one’s local library, community center or university campus. You can also find them in the back rooms of pubs and restaurants.

    SkeptiCamps are open events, meaning that anyone can organize an event and participate, including giving a talk. No hurdles of permission or politics need be overcome to host an event. We do however encourage simplicity and collaboration in organizing to ensure that an inordinate burden does not fall upon the few and allow events to recur from year to year.

    To keep these events substantive, the SkeptiCamp model does make two important requests of us. First, those of us giving talks must take questions during our talks when prompted by the politely raised hands of our fellow participants. Second, SkeptiCamp asks that speakers be prepared to provide a source on any claim likely to be challenged. We must guard against the damage that misinformation can wrought.

    Tearing down the barriers to events that can make us better skeptics is what SkeptiCamp is all about. Join with us in this ambitious experiment to share what your know and to learn from your peers. You might even have fun doing so!

Tue. Oct. 18
  • Skeptics in the Pub Downtown
    Tue. Oct. 18, 7:00pm at The back room at Yagger's, 433 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC

    Join us on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm for another evening of skeptical fun, food, drinks, and conversation in the back room at Yagger's downtown. Come out and discuss skepticism-related activities in Vancouver with your fellow science enthusiasts, rationalists, and critical thinkers, and maybe meet some new friends.

    Frequent attendees: Please welcome any new attendees, and see if you share common interests in areas of science, skepticism, critical thinking, or life in general.

    New attendees: Please feel free to introduce yourselves if you wish, and join in any conversations that interest you.

Wed. Oct. 19
Thu. Oct. 20
  • Surrey/Langley Skeptics in the Pub
    Thu. Oct. 20, 7:00pm at Browns Socialhouse, 9666 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC V3T 2V5, Canada

    Join us for drinks and food in a friendly atmosphere with Surrey/Langley area science enthusiasts who value critical thinking and skepticism. It's a great place to meet local skeptics, make new friends, and get involved and informed about new events and activities. We meet on the third Thursday of the month at Browns Socialhouse, Surrey Centre.

Sun. Oct. 23
  • Mole Day
    Sun. Oct. 23, 12:00am

  • Skeptics' Brunch in New Westminster
    Sun. Oct. 23, 1:00pm at The Met Bar and Grill, 411 Columbia St., New Westminster, BC

    Every fourth Sunday of the month we meet for brunch at the Met Bar & Grill next to the Columbia SkyTrain Station in New Westminster. We're pro-evidence, pro-science free thinkers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Conversation is not strictly structured, so this event RELIES on attendees to come prepared with relevant topics they wish to discuss with the group, for conversation to remain mostly skeptical in nature!

    Breakfast is served all day. Eggs Benny is served until 2 pm so don't be late. If the weather is good we'll be on the patio, otherwise we'll sit inside, likely in the first seating area on the left, as you enter the pub. Please RSVP as best you can, so I have a general idea of attendance numbers, to inform the restaurant staff for seating and serving purposes a bit in advance, thanks! 🙂