Road Trip to the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, WA

According to Wikipedia, “On 15 June 1899, Nicola Tesla performed his first experiments at his Colorado Springs lab; he recorded his initial spark length at five inches long, but very thick and noisy.”

Let’s take a road trip down to Bellingham, WA on Saturday, June 15 and see what kind of sparks the MEGA ZAPPER Tesla coil at the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention can produce. According to the Spark museum’s website:

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention offers an exciting and educational experience for audiences of all ages. Compelling, interactive exhibits spanning four centuries of scientific achievement and cultural heritage are featured in a world-class collection of unique objects. The Spark Museum displays the inventions and innovations that changed the course of human history.

Carrie Chapman contacted the museum and got us a discounted rate so that we can have a tour guide and see the MegaZapper Electrical Show for $10 each instead of $12. Our tour will be from 1 to 2pm, and the MegaZapper show is at 2:30pm.

I’m told there’s also a good board game shop, a comic book shop, and a donut shop just down the street from the museum, so we’ll check those out too, while we’re in the area. Jacob Vohs lives in Bellingham, and he’s recommended Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro as a good brewpub where we can eat/drink that evening before we head back to Vancouver.

We’ll need to coordinate carpooling as the date of the trip approaches. Feel free to make your own ride sharing plans with others who RSVP to this event, or post a comment on the event page saying that you need a ride or have seats available in your vehicle. If necessary, we could look into renting a van and splitting the cost among the passengers. Please RSVP to the event on its Facebook page so we know how many people are going, or email if you don’t use Facebook.

View Bellingham SPARK Museum, Comics, Board Games, Donuts, & Brewery in a larger map

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